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Pop-up Newsroom Pack (Printer friendly)

Our resources will help you to create a Pop-Up Newsroom in your school and empower your students to craft meaningful news stories whilst learning vital media literacy skills.

We’ll help you walk students through the process of creating stories – from podcasts to editorial and filmmaking. When students are empowered to tell the stories that interest them – whether that’s local sports, music discoveries, political issues, or their love for waffles – they build a stronger voice in society. What’s more, engaging in news writing fosters communication, critical thinking, empathy, critical reading, imagination, and creativity.

In the Pop-up Newsroom Resources folder in the resources hub, you will find three worksheets to accompany this pack: The Five Ws, Creating a Storyboard and Making a Podcast. Use these to get your students started in creating different types of news stories. You can print them off from the resource or you can get your students to copy the instructions onto paper or in their textbooks. Easy!

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