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The Student View and The Financial Times have been in partnership since 2016, delivering high-quality newsrooms across non-selected secondary schools in London, where journalists from the Financial Times join our in-house coaches to educate young people on the power of media literacy and what it’s like to work in the world of journalism.

How Does It Work


90 mins - 3 hrs


• You are a Secondary School
• Your Group are 14-18 (Year 9+)
• Based in UK
• In receipt of Pupil Premium



Meet Our Experts

Cristina Criddle

Financial Times

Elizabeth Pears

Financial Times

Alexandra Heal

Financial Times

Malcom Moore

Financial Times

... and over 70 Journalists from the Financial Times

Cheryl Brumley Head of Audio at The Financial Times

“Taking part in The Student View was a very rewarding experience. The world is changing very quickly and the way technology has transformed how young people consume media presents a lot of opportunities but challenges too. 

I thought the workshop leader Caitlin was great at ensuring the kids had a comprehensive view of how to discern good news from misinformation and how social media can blur the lines between fact and opinion. The students were very engaged and it felt like very important work.”

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