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Fully Funded Media Literacy Training for Secondary School Teachers

Helping Students Become Media Literate and Safer Online

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, you’re already a Media Literacy Champion in the making. Read on to find out how this fully-funded expert support from The Student View and Bellingcat will take you all the way. We are offering this to just 100 teachers between October 2023 and February 2024 – don’t miss out!

Media Literacy Training Ready for the Classroom

We’re living in an age of misinformation. But as a teacher you have the power to equip students with the skills they need to become critical consumers of news.

Join our ‘train the trainer’ programme – funded by the European Media and Information Fund (EMIF) – and we’ll match you with Oscar-winning investigative journalists Bellingcat, to accredit you as  a Media Literacy Champion. Our resources have been developed in partnership with PSHE Association, and have been accredited by Skills Builder Partnership.

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About the programme

The Student View is a media literacy charity that trains UK students to spot misinformation by exploring the differences between fact and opinion. This is our first ever ‘train-the-trainer’ programme funded by EMIF and is delivered in partnership with subject matter experts from investigative journalism group Bellingcat, UK think tank Demos, and education experts the PSHE Association. 

Our programme has been carefully designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of media literacy, providing practical tools to integrate the subject into your teaching and empowering your students to distinguish fake news from reliable information.

Programme Outline

1. The Power of Media Literacy

2. Navigating Mis-Disinformation

3. Getting Your Facts Straight

4. Facts, Opinions, and Bias

5. Algorithms, Cookies, and Your Feed

6. Deep Fake Images and AI

Time strapped? We put flexibility first.

“I’ve got a little time to kill,” said no teacher ever. That’s why our training is delivered live, online in 75-minute blocks after school hours. Here’s how it works:

You sign up for an online webinar:

Webinars will take place live, online between October 2023 and January 2024, delivered by experts Bellingcat and The Student View. Pick and mix the dates to complete all three sessions to become a Media Literacy Champion. We ask you to complete a short survey before and after the training so that we can show the impact of the project to our funder, the European Media and Information Fund.

We provide ongoing practical support:

After you’ve completed the online webinars, you can use our resources hub to bring media literacy into your classroom straightaway. We’ll provide you with teaching resources designed by The PSHE Association and The Student View (and accredited by The Skills Builder Partnership) and we can support you to launch a pop-up newsroom at your school to support students to put their new skills in to practice. We match you with a volunteer professional journalist in your area who’ll support your pop-up newsroom and your students' development. We'll even publish students' stories on our website and syndicate them to press - we've had over 50 student stories published since 2016!

What you’ll get back

As a teacher, you have the power to help your students see the world more clearly. Now more than ever, young people need critical thinking skills to navigate the media landscape.

By becoming a Media Literacy Champion, you’ll receive expert training, a written training handbook, PSHE Association-developed classroom resources, and access to a journalist volunteer who’ll help you set up a pop-up newsroom in your school. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity and it’s only open to 100 teachers in the UK before February 2024.

This is your chance to become a Media Literacy Champion and empower your students to become informed and responsible digital citizens. Join us now!

Meet the team

Bejay Mulenga MBE

Executive Director

Free media literacy classroom resources

Download everything you need to bring media literacy to life in your classroom. These resources are open to any educator to use, however, we recommend you book a place on the fully-funded training taking place between October 2023 and February 2024 to enhance your understanding and delivery of the content. And why not? It’s free!

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