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We train teachers to ensure that their students are up to date to the latest on the media on what is going on

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, you’re already a Media Literacy Champion in the making. Read on to find out how PSHE Association-approved support from The Student View and Bellingcat will take you all the way.

Teachers – help your students to become media literate

We’re living in an age of misinformation. But as a teacher you have the power to equip students with the skills they need to become critical consumers of news.

Join our ‘train the trainer’ programme – funded by the European Media and Information Fund (EMIF) – and we’ll match you with Oscar-winning investigative journalists Bellingcat, to transform you into a Media Literacy Champion.

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The programme

The Student View is a media literacy charity that trains UK students to spot misinformation by exploring the differences between fact and opinion. This is our first ever ‘train-the-trainer’ programme funded by EMIF and is delivered in partnership with subject matter experts from investigative journalism group Bellingcat, UK think tank Demos, and education experts the PSHE Association. 

Our programme has been carefully designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of media literacy, providing practical tools to integrate the subject into your teaching and empowering your students to distinguish fake news from reliable information.

Programme Outline

1. The Power of Media Literacy

2. Navigating Mis-Disinformation

3. Getting Your Facts Straight

4. Facts, Opinions, and Bias

5. Algorithms, Cookies, and Your Feed

6. Deep Fake Images and AI

Time strapped? We put flexibility first.

“I’ve got a little time to kill,” said no teacher ever. That’s why our training is delivered online over four hours, so you’ll only need to be away from the classroom for half a day. Here’s how it works:

You sign up for an online webinar:

Webinars will take place online from May 2023, with expert training delivered by Bellingcat. Over a single morning or afternoon (you pick!), you’ll work towards earning a Media Literacy Champions certificate, supporting your CPD in media literacy, developed through a combination of theory and practical modules.

Afterwards, you’ll be equipped with a solid toolkit to support your students as they begin to unpack media literacy and understand how misinformation impacts society and their lives.

We provide ongoing practical support:

After you’ve completed the online webinar, you’ll have the option to turn your insights into action – with resources and practical support designed to help you apply your learning in the classroom. We’ll provide you with PSHE Association-approved teaching resources and match you with a volunteer journalist who’ll support you to set up your school’s own ‘pop-up newsroom’.

What you’ll get back

As a teacher, you have the power to help your students see the world more clearly. Now more than ever, young people need critical thinking skills to navigate the media landscape.

By becoming a Media Literacy Champion, you’ll receive PSHE Association-approved training, an expert-written training handbook, classroom resources, and access to a journalist volunteer who’ll help you set up a pop-up newsroom in your school. 

You’ll also become an accredited skills builder – shaping UK policy on media literacy, misinformation and fake news whilst developing your students’ employment skills in journalism and media. 

This is your chance to become a Media Literacy Champion and empower your students to become informed and responsible digital citizens. Join us now!

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Executive Director

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Join the EMIF Train-the-Trainer programme and help empower educators and students across the UK!

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