The Student View

NCTJ Certificate in Foundation Journalism curriculum delivery schedule

As part of the Fellowship training, you will be taught by Mark Handscomb, Producer, Director, Documentary maker and Tutor for the NCTJ. Lessons and workshops will be virtual and last 1.5 hours and are a compulsory part of the programme. See more on what the NCTJ Certificate in Foundation Journalism involves and what this qualification works towards.

See the New Creator Fellowship x Certificate in Foundation Journalism delivery schedule below. Please note that this schedule is subject to change and does not include the wider programming schedule – which will be shared at the Kick Off on 13th April.

Session 1Kick-off13-Apr-2023 2pm – 6pmLondon
Session 2Gathering Info20-Apr-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 3Gathering Info27-Apr-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 4Recording Info4-May-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 5How to tell a news story11-May-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 6How to tell a news story18-May-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 7Ethical & Legal25-May-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 8Ethical & Legal30-May-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 9Ethical & Legal1-Jun-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 10Feature writing2-Jun-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 11Feature writing8-Jun-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual

Self-study & assessments during course break

Session 12Writing for digital media 25-Jul-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 13Writing for digital media 27-Jul-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 14Using video 28-Jul-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 15Using video 1-Aug-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 16Using video 3-Aug-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 17Using audio 4-Aug-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 18Using audio 8-Aug-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 19Using audio 10-Aug-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 20How society works 15-Aug-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual
Session 21How society works 16-Aug-2023 5:30pm – 7pmVirtual