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It’s never been more important for young people to learn how to critically examine the media and start making informed decisions.

Ofcom found that close to half of UK ‘online adults’ had come across ‘false or misleading information about coronavirus (Covid-19).

That’s where we come in, at The Student View, we offer FREE workshops for young people to help navigate the digital world and assess how social media impacts our everyday lives.

Learn From The Best

Packed with thought-provoking activities to help spot misinformation and provide insights into journalism. Our workshops will allow young people to:

Develop pupils’ critical thinking skills

To ensure you are wise digital consumers - not to mention fully rounded individuals!

Advance your students’ transferable skills

Something that won’t go unnoticed by future employers

Advice from top journalists

Taught by journalism coaches from The Financial Times, News UK or Bloomberg

Our Newsrooms

Delivering high-quality newsrooms across non-selected secondary schools in London

Empowering the next generation in media literacy.

Where empowered minds shape the media landscape.

Empowering young adults for the Digital Era.

Media literacy training to young people.

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